Below are the requirements I completed for the Woodwork Badge
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Requirements: Create your own woodworking project, make working drawings of a project needing miter, dowel, or mortise and tenon joints and build it, make a cabinet, box, or something else with a door or lid fastened with inset hinges. We decided to build a soundproofing chamber for our hot tub.



In addition to the above, I also researched all the following areas and then completed a verbal presentation/interview to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding for each of them:

    • Explain to your counselor the most likely hazards you may encounter while participating in woodwork activities, and what you should do to anticipate, help prevent, mitigate, and respond to these hazards. Explain what precautions you should take to safely use your tools.
    • Show that you know first aid for injuries that could occur while woodworking, including splinters, scratches, cuts, severe bleeding, and shock. Tell what precautions must be taken to help prevent loss of eyesight or hearing, and explain why and when it is necessary to use a dust mask.
    • Earn the Totin’ Chip recognition.
    • Describe how timber is grown, harvested, and milled. Tell how lumber is cured, seasoned, graded, and sized.
    • Collect and label blocks of six kinds of wood useful in woodworking. Describe the chief qualities of each. Give the best uses of each.
    • Show the proper care, use, and storage of all working tools and equipment that you own or use at home or school.
    • Sharpen correctly the cutting edges of two different tools.