Personal Fitness

Below are the requirements I completed for the
Personal Fitness Badge
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“Outline a comprehensive 12-week physical fitness program using the results of your fitness tests, and complete your program over 12 weeks. Keep a log.”

I completed my initial 12-week program and log on 9/12/18. I improved my mile run time 2 min 25 sec from 9:55 to 7:30. I improved my sit-and-reach by 9.25 cm, my 60-second sit-up count went from 18 to 70, and my 60-second pushup count went from 26 to 120.

I then worked with my dad to create an ongoing program. I’ve been following that ever since. Two foundations of that program are karate and push-ups. The videos here share a couple of my push-up milestones.  

The first was taken in the middle of my 60-second push-up challenge mentioned above. The second shows “perfect form” pushups that are much more difficult. 

Hakan's 12-Week Challenge, Exercise Program, Exercise Log
  Requirement: “Keep track of what you eat and drink for three days. Identify three healthy
eating goals you want to work on.” Here is my Food Log from


In addition to the above, I also researched all the following areas and then completed a verbal presentation/interview to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding for each of them:

  • Explain the components of physical fitness.
  • Explain your weakest and strongest component of physical fitness.
  • Explain the need to have a balance in all five components of physical fitness.
  • Explain how a program like ScoutStrong can lead to lifelong healthful habits.
  • Explain how the components of personal fitness relate to the Scout Law and Scout Oath.
  • Explain the importance of good nutrition.
  • Explain what good nutrition means to you.
  • Explain how good nutrition is related to the other components of personal fitness.
  • Explain the three components of a sound weight (fat) control program.
  • Explain why physical exams are important.
  • Explain why preventive habits (such as exercising regularly) are important in maintaining good health, and how the use of tobacco products, alcohol, and other harmful substances can negatively affect you.
  • Explain diseases that can be prevented and how.
  • Explain the seven warning signs of cancer.
  • Explain the youth risk factors that affect cardiovascular health in adulthood.
  • Explain the components of personal fitness.
  • Explain reasons for being fit in all components.
  • Explain what it means to be mentally healthy.
  • Explain what it means to be physically healthy and fit.
  • Explain what it means to be socially healthy. Discuss your activity in the areas of healthy social fitness.
  • Explain what you can do to prevent social, emotional, or mental problems?
  • Are you free from all curable diseases? Are you living in such a way that your risk of preventable diseases is minimized?
  • Are you immunized and vaccinated as suggested?
  • Do you understand the importance of a nutritious diet? Does your diet include foods from all food groups?
  • Is your body what you would like it to be, and do you know how to modify it safely through exercise, diet, and lifestyle?
  • Do you carry out daily activities without noticeable effort? Do you have extra energy for other activities?
  • Are you free from poor nutrition and the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other practices that could be harmful?
  • Do you participate in a regular exercise program or recreational activities?
  • Do you sleep well at night and wake up feeling ready to start the new day?
  • Are you actively involved in the religious organization of your choice, and do you participate in their youth activities?
  • Do you spend quality time with your family and friends in social and recreational activities?
  • Do you support family activities and efforts to maintain a good home life?
  • Find out about three career opportunities in personal fitness. Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss what you learned with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.