Below are the requirements I completed for the Painting Badge
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Prepare and paint an item using harmonizing colors that you have selected using the color wheel in the Painting merit badge pamphlet.


Prepare and paint two different surfaces using patching materials or caulking and the proper primers and topcoats. I painted my hot tub soundproofing chamber for my Woodwork Badge to protect the wood and make it look better.



In addition to the above, I also researched all the following areas and then completed a verbal presentation/interview to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding for each of them:

  • Explain the proper safety procedures to follow when preparing surfaces and applying coatings.
  • Explain three ways that coatings can improve a surface
  • Explain where you would apply enamel paint, flat paint, wood stain, and varnish, and explain the importance of sheen, and tell why each is best for its uses.
  • Show the right way to use, clean, maintain, and store painting equipment.
  • Explain the importance of ladder safety, personal hygiene, and the use of personal protective equipment when painting.
  • Explain some of the environmental and health issues concerning removing paint, applying paint, and discarding old paint.
  • Find out about career opportunities in the painting craft. Discuss the training and experience required, and explain why this profession might interest you.