Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Replayable Rules

For replayability, you can play the game as normal except for these rule changes:

NOTE: You must complete the entire game first.

Before you Begin

  • You will never add or remove stickers during replayable games.
  • There is no funding, you will always have 5 Event Cards.
  • Remove the Decryption Book and Border Security events from the events deck.
  • Shuffle objectives from every month together to form an objectives deck, including the prologue objectives.
  • Remove the dark green objectives that contain Sabik’s help and replace them with the similar objectives from the mainline story.
  • If any of the following operation cards are in the operations deck, add them to the objectives deck: 64, 67, 69, 84, 87, 88
  • Shuffle together the Restrictions to form a restrictions deck.
  • If any of the following operation cards are still  in the operations deck, add them to the restrictions deck: 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59
  • You will begin the game with restriction cards based on your game end evaluation, determined as follows:

NOTE: Your Game End Evaluation should be in your Personnel file 


  • 800 or higher: 4 restrictions
  • 650-799: 3 restrictions
  • 450-649: 2 restrictions
  • 300-449: 1 restriction
  • 299 or lower: 0 restrictions


  • 1. Prepare Objectives
      • Remove all objectives involving infiltrating PEARL Compound
      • Take 3 objectives randomly from the objectives deck.
  • 2. Prepare Board and Pieces
  • 3. Put out Restrictions
      • Randomly take your restriction cards
      • You may trade restriction cards for 3 disease cubes each
  • 4. Add Agents to the Board
      • Add Agents normally, except that if you traded any restrictions for disease cubes, they are placed on the last city to be drawn. For example, if you traded 2 restrictions, then drew the cities shown in the rulebook, ending with Osaka, Bogota, and Riyadh, you would place 3 green disease cubes on Bogota and Riyadh. If any of these cities are Exposed, you would place the cubes on the previous city, in this example, Osaka. These cubes do not replace the Soviet Agents.
  • 5. Add Infection Cards
      • Add all infection cards with city names written on then faceup into the Threat Discard Pile
  • 6. Add Disease Cubes to Cities with a Starting Intensity
  • 7. Prepare Player Deck and Deal Cards
      • Do not add Event cards to the player deck during this step.
  • 8. Add Cards to the Player Deck
      • Randomly pick and add the 5 event cards to the deck in the same way as the Escalations and Satellites. 
  • 9. Reassemble the Player Deck
  • 10. Choose Characters and Aliases
  • 11. Begin Play

During the Game

  • Whenever you would lose cover, you instead discard one player card.
  • Whenever a threat card is drawn, if the city shown has a disease cube on it, you add another disease cube along with the agent. If this would be the fourth cube, an outbreak occurs. Do not place a contamination sticker.
  • Incident tokens add surveillance to the city they are on, effective as soon as they are placed.
  • You may not enter PEARL Compound unless you have an objective that requires it.


After the Game

  • Check Objectives
  • All Objectives Complete

Proceed to the next month. You receive budgetary units normally.

  • 1 Objective Failed

Proceed to the next month. You receive budgetary units normally.

  • 2+ Objectives Failed

Play the second half of the month. You receive budgetary units normally. Completed objectives do not stay completed for the second half of the month. For the second half of the month, you may choose the events that you take in and in what order they appear.

  • Delayed Objectives

Any “Bug Completed Control Center in…” objectives completed now bug the matching control center permanently.

  • Check Cities
      • Instead of replacing incident tokens with surveillance stickers, incident tokens stay on the board.
  • Spend Budget
  • Assets

You may now add assets to empty slots on any passport, and also to replace the “Suitcase Full of Money” asset.

  • Remove Liability
  • You may now remove a liability. This costs an amount of budgetary units equal to the amount of players plus one.
  • Permanent Safehouses

You may buy and add permanent safehouses to the board.

  • Counter Surveillance

The first Counter Surveillance that you buy each game costs 2 budgetary units. Any additional Counter Surveillance stickers cost 1 unit each.

  • Incident Cleanup

For 1 budgetary unit, you may remove one incident token from the board.

  • Clean Up



  • Every 3rd game you will play a special game with a 4th objective. This 4th objective must be a random objective that requires infiltration of PEARL Compound, excluding the “Steal the Medusa Genome” objective.
  • Every 6th game will replace this random 4th objective with the “Steal the Medusa Genome” objective. You must play with the same 4 objectives until you either get a “succeeding” evaluation or have tried 3 times.
  • After you move on after any 3rd or 6th game, permanently add 1 restriction to your restriction count.
  • Once you are playing with every restriction, reset the entire process from 0 restrictions, but play with 1 extra objective.